Friday, May 20, 2011

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Art Event: Art After Dark, Oceanside Museum of Art

The Art after Dark event held annually at the Oceanside Museum of Art was one the most fun I ever had at an art event. It was held on Friday, April 15th, at the Oceanside Museum of Art and cost about twenty dollars to come in and see the exhibits. With the 20 dollar entrance fee however, you are entitled to unlimited alcoholic beverages provided by the museum and great food! The most interesting art event was in a dark room and artist portrayed some of their finest work with ultraviolet paint and displayed them in the dark. It was unique in the fact that I never had the oppurtunity to view art in that way before and it opened up a new medium of fine art that I never would have imagined myself. The alcohol made it easier for everyone to converse about the art pieces and in return, made everyone feel a lot more friendly than at other art places where everyone is encouraged to stay quiet. It was a party in a museum with art work that was not readily available, and only on display for that night. It was an experience like no other.

Art Event: Visit to the La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art

The visit to the La Jolla Museum of contemporary art in La jolla was very exciting. Despite the long line to get in, and the difficulty of finding a place to park, it was a very scenic route to take. I enjoyed the scenery, and overall ambiance of La Jolla by checking out some of the shops surrounding the museum itself. Once I entered the museum, it was like an experience unlike any other. I had to check in with the attendant upfront and after that, I immediately took a tour of the place. The exhibitions that day focused on installation work and it was very interesting to me since it was on work that I was not previously used to. I was able to view an art work that occupied the entire space and incorporated the interaction between a viewer and the work as part of the artistic experience all together. It was an art experience I would never forget.

Art Event: Visit to the MOCA (Museum of contemporary art, Los Angeles)

My visit to the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary art, on Saturday, March 19th, was filled with surprises. Upon my arrival, navigating through the streets of downtown Los Angeles was rather difficult, but as soon as I arrived to the museum, the attendant at the front was real helpful in helping me map through the museum and even gave me a discount. After I had entered, I realized that Andy Warhol, a famous artist that I had studied, was having his work showcased to the public. It was a unique experience and that I never had the opportunity to look at one of my favorite artist's work face to face because usually I would have to look at his or her work through the Internet. I had to look around forever for Warhol's stuff and once I finally did, I only had a limited time to look at his work because they were going to put his stuff back in the vaults. So I spent the last hour looking at all of his famous works and was really impressed he was able to impact his generation and many more generations after that by the showcasing of his work.