Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Space and meaning exercise assignment

The space and meaning exercises required students to pick three words from a list and in three different compositions were assigned to arrange each word to express its meaning (one word per composition). The composition requirements were to use a 6X6 inch square. We had the freedom to vary the size, spacing, placement, and orientation of the letters.

TRANSITION-The word "transition" was a difficult concept at first because I did not know how to convey the idea of transitioning with just one word. I thought of a word that incresed in font size as it came closer and slowly transitioned into a more legible word to read. I came up with this idea making the word "transition" do both in terms of become more legible and larger as it transitioned from the back placement to the front of the background.

FAITH- The word faith automatically made me think of the symbol of the crucifixion and how it is the most recognizedsymbol in the world. It made me want to portray the meaning of the word and associate it with the symbol that is deeply associated with a particular religious faith with the Christian religion. I placed the word "faith" in an way that emphasizes the crucifixion and also recognized the mini-cross in the lower cased "t" in the middle of the word "faith"as well.

PARANOIA: For the word "paranoia" I wanted to portray the meaning of the word through the layout of the design and not through the common connotation this word implies. The word "paranoia" is repeated throughout the design in different opacities to guide the audiences eye through the piece and to provide some variety so it does not go too dull. I put an emphasis in the middle of the page with the realigned word of "paranoia" to focus the audience into the main point of the piece.

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